Food Station

It's never a chore to feed your pet


meals at once

Also features a

second voice recorder

Just like you, your beloved pet deserves to be fed on a regular basis, but due to our busy lifestyles in this day and age it is easy to end up forgetting and accidentally missing their meals.


With The Food Station you will never have to worry about feeding your pet or providing them all their essential nutrients again.


Product Features

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The Food Station is your one-stop solution. It serves just the right portions at the right times to your beloved pet.

You can automate The Food Station to provide your pet with either two meals a day for three days or one meal a day for up to six days, as per your convenience.

Simply schedule the feeding time for your pet to serve them the respective meal without any delay. A built in voice recorder will allow you to record your voice calling out to your beloved pet.

The Food Station is perfect for larger dogs and multiple cats.

Avoid missing out on your beloved pet’s meal times and give your pet the best care with The Food Station !
  • Electronic timer keypad
  • Date and time stamp
  • Inside and outside temperature
  • Empty indicator light
  • Battery back up indicator light
  • 12 hour forecast
  • 10 seconds voice recorder
  • Food compartment holds up to 20 ounces of dry food
  • Removable chrome bowl
  • Lid locks and seals to keep food fresh
  • Hidden 6 feet indoor electrical cord
  • Easy to assemble

The Food Station Pet Feeding Tool Crowdfunding Campaign To Launch Soon

The Food Station is an automatic pet feeder equipped with an intelligent timer operated system that makes feeding pets simple and convenient for those who lead busy lives. By using The Food Station pet owners will be able to program their pet’s feeding times so that their normal eating schedule is maintained even when they are not present to give their pets food at the right time.

Users will be able to pre-program and schedule 6 meals for their pet including large dogs and multiple cats. The Food Station can only be used for dry food and its integrated thermometer and weather display ensures that the meals are fresh, nutritious and timely.

The feeder also features a 10 sec voice recorder that users can use to record messages that can be used as calls to feed.

The team behind The Food Station has designed the product to be a superior pet feeding tool compared to most alternatives,The Food Stations second prototype has been created and tested, and the finalized design is all set for production for which the team behind the project will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production, distribution and manufacturing expenses.

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